If you have watched baseball this season, then you probably know the AL Central has not been good. It does not take many highlights for the 2023 baseball season to determine how bad the AL Central actually is. As of right now, here are the current standings of the AL Central in August:

1. Minnesota Twins: (60-55)
2. Cleveland Guardians (55-59)
3. Detroit Tigers (50-63)
4. Chicago White Sox (46-69)
5. Kansas City Royals (37-78)

Looking at those standings, that’s really bad. Minnesota is the only winning team in the division and is just barely at .500 while our Cleveland Guardians have had many opportunities to win but just cannot get the job done. It is safe to say that the Twins will probably win this division, but whoever does in fact win it at the end will probably not make it too far in the postseason.

In the AL East, the Boston Red Sox are in last place of their with a winning record of (58-55). This is only two games less than the Twins’ record. If the Twins were in the East, they would be in last place. This goes to show how bad the AL Central has been this season.

Historically, the AL Central has been the easier division out of the American League. Seeing Cleveland win the division many times have been based on the other Central teams not being good. If the AL Central had the New York Yankees and/or the Boston Red Sox, they would win the AL Central every year.

Whoever wins the AL Central will probably not make it far in the postseason playing teams like the Texas Rangers, Houston Astros, Tampa Bay Rays and Baltimore Orioles. Even though it would be tough for whoever the AL Central victors are, the rule in baseball is “just make the playoffs”.

When October hits, we will all see what happens then!

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