Thanks Anyway, Calvin. You’re Fired.

Updated: September 7, 2017

The New York Jets clearly didn’t see the value in keeping S Calvin Pryor around this year. And as of today, the Browns share the same sentiment.

The two teams swapped players in early June. Pryor went to the Browns and LB Demario Davis (originally acquired from the Jets) went back to New York. The Jets declined picking up the 2014 first round draft pick’s fifth-year option and got rid of him after they drafted two safeties, Jamal Adams of LSU in the first round and Marcus Maye of Florida in the second. Clearly, it signified the Jet’s lackluster view of Pryor even going into a 2017-2018 season in which the Jets seem to be the very worst team in the league.

The uninspiring Pryor was let go of the team that gave him another chance today, the Cleveland Browns, for getting into a fight at practice with WR Ricardo Louis. Not many details will come out on how the scuffle came about because it occurred previous to the time media is allowed to cover practice sessions. But this is clearly something that doesn’t happen very often and rarely happens on any team. This can tell us something about Hue’s perspective.

The Browns are allowing very few veteran guys to make this Browns team. Other than Jason McCourty, Kenny Britt, Kevin Zeitler and Joe Thomas, almost every guy on this team is 25 or under. Those names I just listed have been, as far as we know, guys to emulate and look up to as role models and locker room champions for the young guys.

Calvin Pryor failed to live up to that today. The 25-year-old going into his fifth year not only engaged in a scrap with Louis but apparently, he intentionally ignored coach Hue Jackson when he clearly requested a stop to the disturbance. I think Hue is making two things very clear: He’s the boss and you do what he says and if he gives a veteran a chance to join this team, they better produce and offer a character to emulate. And if a guy can’t accept those two prerequisites then it’s “see your way out the door.”

If I were to say another thing about the Browns comfort level with letting the safety go so quickly today, it’s that they feel really well starting Derrick Kindred alongside the young stud Jabrill Peppers in the secondary. Kai Nacua should now get the call from the practice squad to fill the hole Pryor leaves. Calvin Pryor was expected to only hold a back up role anyway.

Thanks anyway Calvin, if you weren’t good enough for the Jets talent-wise then you’re certainly not good enough for us as we fervently look to progress this year in wins and culture.

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