Thank You, Kyrie

Updated: August 22, 2017

Kyrie Irving has finally had his wish granted and been traded from the Cavaliers. With him being gone, I wanted to thank him for everything he’s done.

I get it! Kyrie didn’t want to be a Cavalier anymore which is upsetting to any Cavs fan. However, he did it in a professional way by asking to be traded behind closed doors. He wants to be the man and he has earned the right to try and become the man for a team.

Was Kyrie perfect? No. He was someone I had a lot of faith in as a player to get the job done in whatever way he could. He beat the naysayers right away when people questioned how good he would be coming out of college after a short freshman year.

I want to personally thank Kyrie for always playing as hard as he can. I will always remember the good times Kyrie gave us fans.

Thank you for the crazy scoop layups, contested layups and amazing finesse finishes. Thank you for the oohs and aahs when showing why you have the best handle in the league.

We will always remember your Kyriediculous moments. We will miss Uncle Drew and Untucked Kyrie highlight reels.

We will always remember when you dropped 57 on the San Antonio Spurs and hit crazy shots to keep us in that game the whole time. Let’s not forget all the crazy buzzer beaters when you showed off that clutch gene of yours.

Thank you for being ready for the big moments. Your desire to win will never be questioned. You have the heart of a fighter and a champion.

You always gave us a something to cheer about. We will always be forever grateful for what should go down as the greatest shot to ever be made by a Cavalier. He helped bring home a championship to a city that was in a drought plagued with negative memories.

Thank you, Kyrie, from the bottom of my heart! You have earned my respect and admiration as a player and a man. You will forever be one of my favorite Cavaliers ever!

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