2. Mack is Back

Does anyone have a better lineman sitting on the bench than Cameron Erving? Truth be told, the Browns have a great offensive line and it is six deep. This bodes well for the running game and should give the QB some time to make plays. Mack’s injury last year changed everything on the line.

3. Feed the Crowe

Isaiah Crowell will more than likely get a vast majority of the carries this season. This guy runs hard. Let’s hope that he remembers the newfound stiff arm that he demonstrated brutally in the pre-season. Look for him to build on what he did last year behind a lesser offensive line.

4. Mike Pettine

The Browns have the same head coach for a second season in a row. Does anyone remember the last time that happened? If you do, let me know because it feels like it was before Johnny Manziel was born. Pettine seems very comfortable in his roll and seems poised for growth as a coach this year.

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