Tank It For . . . Nobody

Updated: August 1, 2017

Bomb it for Barkley. . .  Tank it for Teddy. . . Dump for Darnold . . . I’ve heard many catchy slogans like these as a Browns fan for a while now. Aren’t we done with the idea that we need a hero or savior to come in and automatically rescue and restore our franchise? Isn’t “trust the process” a tired phrase around here in Cleveland?

It is for me.

It clearly doesn’t work and we’ve been trying for a while now. Rather than trust a process in which we wait for some sure-fire, no doubt about it, kind of quarterback to fall into our laps at the number one pick because we continue to be so bad,  I’d rather trust the system that seems to be progressing and showing a glimmer of light and hope more than any other era in which I have been a Browns fan. The Brown and Orange now have tremendous football minds on both sides of the ball in Hue Jackson, Gregg Williams and company; a clear top three offensive line in the league, a proven running game, as well as a decent receiver set that will only keep getting better.

The quarterback situation remains foggy heading into preseason as it seems that neither DeShone Kizer, Cody Kessler or Brock Osweiler are really setting themselves apart from the rest of the pack in a major way. Right now, it’s up in the air and we could see any one of them called the game one starter. And that’s ok!

Sure, Kizer is getting all the love throughout training camp because he has surprised the coaching staff with how quickly he is coming along and he’s made some nice plays. And that is exciting, but we don’t know where Hue is truly leaning.

But I trust what I see Hue doing, as he’s truly creating something out of nothing with the few seasons he has had here with this front office. I trust his decision for the starter. And I would much rather trust the system that is passionately developing, making the way to plug in the eventual QB and experience success with the talented pieces around him – than keep waiting for the draft pick that could be the next Andrew Luck.

I love Andrew Luck but how many Super Bowls has he been to? Zero. And he’s only 3-3 in the playoffs. And he’s starting on the PUP list this season.

The reality is there is no foolproof answer at QB. More than a “guy” we need a reliable system that sets the QB up for success and enables him to make everyone around him better. So, let’s all take a deep breath and hit the pause on our worries that we don’t know who the starter is yet and even the hurried response to a QB making a few flashy plays in camp. TRUST THE SYSTEM and tank it for nobody!

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