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There are reports that the Cavs are looking to trade PF Kevin Love. This makes perfect sense with where the organization currently is and here is why.

In the NBA, the last thing an organization wants is to be stuck in purgatory. To be a decent team, maybe make the playoffs (just barely), to get throttled by the top-seed and lose every year…is not exactly ideal.

One may say, “Oh, making the playoffs…that’s a step in the right direction.” Except it isn’t because that team’s draft pick is not going to be very good and thus, they don’t improve much for the future.

The reason the Cavs were able to win the championship in 2016 is that LeBron James came home to Cleveland and negated this theory due to special circumstances. However, without the team being terrible to draft Kyrie Irving, it would not have been possible.

Coming full-circle to this offseason of 2019 and the Cavs have the 5th pick, which they could trade down, and 26th pick from Houston.

Kyrie Irving – GONE

LeBron James – GONE

And who is left? Well, Kevin Love. Last season, he averaged 17 points and 10.9 rebounds in only 22 games played. Additionally, is signed through the 2022-23 season.

Imagine if Love played all 82 games? This team would not be picking in the top-five this week.

The NBA works where vast improvements have to be made quickly in order to compete. A steady process typically doesn’t work unless things align correctly.

The LA Lakers are the newest example of this worst-to-first idea.

Frankly, all Love can do is make the Cavs better, so that their picks in future drafts are worse. Whereas, he can help another team that wants to win a championship now and is willing to give up assets for the future. These assets can help the Cavs.

I’m not saying trade Love for nothing, but it doesn’t have to be for much. If a team is willing to give up a solid draft pick…take the deal!

This franchise is still looking for someone to build around. Collin Sexton is a really solid point guard, but I feel he is more of a role player and not a superstar.

Unfortunately, the problem is Love is injury-prone and at 30 is not a young man anymore. That’s what makes him unattractive for other teams.

In summation, trade Love. Continue this idea of starting fresh in the post-LeBron era and find success years from now instead of mediocrity every year.

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