Takeaways From Our Takeaways – Browns Lose to Seahawks

What a clever title.

The Browns blew it and the officials assisted the Seahawks in a 32-28 win. All week, on this site and around the City of Cleveland, today was circled as a huge game. With the bye week and then at New England, the Browns will likely be 2-5 heading to Week 9 (Pats are 6-0).

2-5. Even the most pessimistic of Browns fans would have given this team a better start. Yes, the back-end of the schedule is favorable…but still. It hurts to see a team that was supposed to be amazing falter so much. Usually, it’s expected.

First, I do not want to fire Freddie Kitchens and I still have faith in Baker Mayfield. It’s too soon to make any crazy decisions with specifically Freddie. Yes, he’s made mistakes as every rookie coach does. If it doesn’t improve after this entire season, then the though may be entertained.

Granted, Baker isn’t making Mona Lisa-type throws, but his receivers aren’t doing him any favors with all of these drops. Lots of his interceptions are from drops or balls that should have been caught. That happened today – on multiple occasions.

Shout out to Baker for playing through an injury. I appreciate the toughness, despite the loss.

Why did the Browns lose?

One guy I am really starting to lose a positive feeling of is wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. All talk and (so far) not a lot of action. I feel as if he and Baker simply are not on the same page. It is hurting the offense in a tremendous fashion.

IF and this is a BIG IF the Browns were to make a splash during the bye week. It would be trading OBJ for some offensive line and defensive help, plus draft picks. A good quarterback, which I believe Baker is (despite poor numbers), makes his receivers better. OBJ could bring a good haul in return, help another team and the Browns, too. Other receivers would step up like Ricky Seals-Jones and Hollywood Higgins.

Additionally, having our starting corners in Denzel Ward and Greedy Williams actually playing may help the defense. Just a thought…

Oh, and anyone consider that Russell Wilson is just good? A Super Bowl winner and all…

The Seahawks, after falling down big, outplayed the Browns. The refs didn’t help the cause.

But think about this.

Say the Browns get a stop and a score and win the game, 35-32. I’m pumped; you’re pumped. The city is excited, but is it that much of a difference? There were still a million mistakes, penalties, drops, bad play calls and more. That doesn’t go away, win or lose. The record just looks a bit better.

Work needs to be done. It’s not like this was punching a ticket to the Super Bowl.

Running back Nick Chubb rushed for 122 yards and two touchdowns. Honestly, the lone pure bright spot for this club. Fans, including me, love to say, “run, run, run.” Unfortunately, there are certain situations where the ball has to be thrown (and caught). That was not executed. The best teams win with a balanced attack.

Chubb did his job, but there is only so much that he can do. The passing can’t be avoided but executed instead.

Overall, of course, I am nervous. I thought the team would certainly start out better than this 2-4 record. However, as I have said in many of my previous articles, I see this as a multi-year project. That has not changed.

Use the bye week to get better. Who knows, maybe Tom Brady will retire before the game?

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