Swisher and Santana Moved Down In the Lineup


The day has finally come. Carlos Santana and Nick Swisher have been moved down in the lineup. Nick Swisher will be hitting sixth and Carlos Santana will be hitting seventh. It had to happen eventually, with Nick Swisher hitting just .203 and Carlos Santana with an atrocious .156. I know Tito likes to be patient with his hitters, but it has gone way to far and he finally did the right thing by moving them down in the lineup. This move will take the pressure off them and allow them to relax while at the plate. With a lineup that is arguably missing their best hitter in Jason Kipnis, they need the other guys like Swisher and Santana to step up. It will be interesting to see if moving Swisher and Santana down in the lineup helps the offense produce more runs.

– Jimmy Carcioppolo  (follow me on twitter @CST_JimmyC)





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