February 27, 2024

Surprise! David Blatt Is The Coach, Not LeBron


Although LeBron James is a great basketball player, he needs to take a step back and listen for once. I’m not sure if King James has simply forgotten that the Cavaliers have a head coach, but through 10 games into the season he’s acting like it.

Before the return of the King, the Cavaliers hired wildly successful international basketball coach David Blatt. His resume is extremely impressive and includes 6x Israeli Cup champion, 5x Israeli League champions and a complete domination of international basketball for over a decade. The bottom line is that the man is no dummy, yet “coach” LeBron doesn’t seem to care about what he has to say.

Yes, it’s great to see James guiding and mentoring the younger players on the Cavaliers in order to better the team. It’s when it goes as far of excluding your own knowledgeable head coach from the timeout huddle that  becomes a problem; alienating Blatt will create only negative repercussions and cannot be good for the team.

Everything a team is about and everything a team plays for starts from the head coach and works its way down to the players. Never should the best player on the team be the one in complete charge. No matter how entitled LeBron James is or how much he deserves, he cannot disrespect the true leader of the team in coach David Blatt. Does Tim Duncan ever do that to Greg Popovich? Hell no. Kobe and Shaq to Phil Jackson? MJ to Phil Jackson? Magic Johnson to Pat Riley? Absolutely not.

The Cavaliers have a 5-5 record at this point and a share of this can be attributed to the lack of a voice coach Blatt has had since becoming the coach of the Cavs this past summer.

Yes, we all know that LeBron is one of the greatest basketball players to ever step on the floor. However, it’s important to note that with any great invention or creation it takes multiple minds to achieve the full idea. In this case, it’s an NBA Championship. No one is saying LeBron can’t be a leader, but he has to also respect the true voice of the team.

Open up the circle LeBron and let the man speak. Coach Blatt comes from a rich background of thriving basketball overseas. Minus a few goaltending rules, it’s practically the same game. He’s a basketball genius.

More and more anxiously, Cleveland fans are just waiting for the Cavaliers to take off. Unfortunately, there’s a lot to solve before this team is going to be great.

LeBron, please! Let the coach…coach.

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