February 27, 2024

The quarterback Deshaun Watson story is a never-ending-saga that truly has dominated the summer for the Cleveland Browns. The team is looking to add a quarterback in preparation for a suspension of sizeable length. Veteran Cam Newton could be a realistic option.

This via heavy.com:

“Newton could prove a realistic option for the Browns if Watson ends up sidelined for the entire 2022 season, which the NFL has pushed for leading up to the ruling from independent arbiter and former federal judge Sue L. Robinson.”

Now, the quarterback is 33 years old and is not the same guy that played on the  Panthers to start his career. It’s ironically the same team that Baker Mayfield was traded to this offseason.

Signing Newton would be different than other quarterbacks because he is a free agent and thus the team wouldn’t have to give up any capital to add him via a trade to the roster besides the agreed-upon salary.

What the Browns would have to decide is if this version of Newton is worth adding to the roster at this point in time. Currently, the team is unaware of what the suspension length will be for Watson. It has been rumored anywhere from no games to a full season.

Currently, the Browns have of course Watson on the roster, plus backups Jacoby Brissett and Joshua Dobbs.

Now, the Browns are reportedly working out quarterbacks Josh Rosen and AJ McCarron. It’s not uncommon for a team to head into training camp with four quarterbacks on the roster and go from there. However, many feel this is the Browns preparing for a suspension of Watson.

Is Cam Newton still the Super Cam of years before? Of course not.

Could he still be of help to the Browns especially if the Watson suspension is for a sizeable length of time? Yes.

Last season, Newton struggled playing in eight games throwing only four touchdowns compared to five interceptions (69/126).

My opinion?

If the suspension is not for the entire season, I just ride with backups on the roster. Say it is for the entire season and Watson is gone until 2023? Then I consider adding Newton to the roster in order to give it a run this season with a decent quarterback.

Hopefully, the suspension length will FINALLY be announced and we can all move on with our lives and get ready for the season as Browns fans. When that number of games becomes solidified, the Browns can work to make this season a competitive one regardless.

As I’ve said in many previous articles…

For now, we wait…

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