February 27, 2024

SUPER BOWL: The Kelce Bros Are From Cleveland Heights!


Well, it’s another year gone by without our beloved Clevland Browns in the Super Bowl. However, there is an interesting nuance that is Cleveland-related and it has to do with two brothers, one on each team.

Yeah, each of the Kelce brothers, Travis and Jason, will be squaring off against one another in the Super Bowl. Travis is a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs and Jason is a center for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Simply because of their respective positions, neither will be on the field at the same time.

Donna Kelce is officially the first mother to have sons play against each other in the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, the mother will have to be a loser in some capacity as both sides can’t win. However, she has found a way to make things work among her sons. Check this out:

However, the coolest part of this entire thing is these two grew up in the Cleveland Heights area back when they were children. That’s right in our neck of the woods, just a short drive away from Downtown Cleveland.

To be specific, it’s (7.2 mi) via US-6 W/Superior Ave and that would take a driver just about 18 minutes.

A lot of people are talking about if the NFL is Rigged after Sunday’s Chiefs/Bengals game – read more about that CLICK HERE.

When most people think of brothers in the NFL the first thing that comes to mind is the Manning brothers in Peyton and Eli. However, those two never faced each other in a Super Bowl despite both playing in them for their respective teams over the years.

One has to wonder if these two Kelce brothers have any type of friendly wager, in secret, on the outcome of the game. That would certainly make it a bit more interesting for the two of them to battle it out against one another. We may never know…

There’s always some fun nuance in each and every Super Bowl and this one certainly has its storylines. We just found out QB Tom Brady retired so he’ll never be in a Super Bowl again.

Regardless of family connections, this Super Bowl matchup between the Eagles and Chiefs is poised to be a very exciting one that’ll for sure have plenty of entertainment.

Congratulations to the entire Kelce family and the City of Cleveland Heights for growing these boys up and ready to play in the big game!

Sorry, Solon. I just didn’t have it in me…

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