March 3, 2024

Super Bowl Profiles: Andy Reid’s Kansas City Chiefs


Coaches don’t swap teams as often as players do. And even then, most players stick with the same team throughout their careers. 


When coaches match up with their previous teams, they often lose. That’s because the players know how their coach thinks and can guess what the next move will be. Coaches, however, have to consider how the new coach on their old team might play the game. It’s an unfair footing.


Unfortunately for Andy Reid, this disadvantage comes at a terrible time. He is matched up against his previous team at the Super Bowl. Being the former coach of the Eagles has lowered the Kansas City Chiefs odds of winning.


This situation has only happened 4 times before – where a coach meets their own team at the Super Bowl. Each time, the coach’s new team lost.


Andy Reid’s Style

The odds might not be in his favor, but that doesn’t mean history will repeat itself. Instead, his coaching philosophy and style should dictate the future.


Reid’s main aim is to communicate clearly and create an understanding amongst his team. He doesn’t see the point in yelling or berating someone. Instead, clear instruction and recognizing that everyone wants to do well, means creating a healthy group that will listen and rely on one another.


Over the years, Reid has worked with many players and each of them has improved under his wing. Reid’s approach might seem simplistic or obvious, but many coaches will scream at their players thinking a louder voice will somehow make their words clearer.


Reid recognizes that every player wants to do well. None want to embarrass themselves or their team. They all want to succeed and win the game.


Number Of Super Bowl Wins

Reid is known as one of the greatest NFL coaches of all time. However, in his decades of work, he has only won the Super Bowl twice.


He may have records in other aspects of the game, but this figure is his sore point.


The first win was in 1997 when he was an assistant coach to the Green Bay Packers.


The second was in 2020, with the Kansas City Chiefs themselves. Reid was the head coach for the team, and his talent turned the team around.


The Chief’s Before And During Reid’s Coaching

As of right now, the FanDuel Super Bowl picks are favoring the Chiefs. Their quarterback Patrick Mahomes is also on course for the Most Valuable Player award. This will be his second MVP award this season.


All of this success can be attributed to Reid. The Chiefs hired the former Eagles coach in 2013 and since then the team has become stronger and stronger.


Reid needed a change around his time. He had coached the Eagles successfully for 14 years, but when his son died in a tragic accident, everything changed. Philadelphia finished 4-12 – the worst season finish in Reid’s career.


He needed something to distract him, and so looked down at the leaderboard. The Chiefs had fared worse that year. They had also experienced death when Linebacker Jovan Belcher took his own life in front of his manager.


This team knew grief. He knew they would understand him. He knew that they needed him too.


Before Reid came along, there was team rivalry, friction on the field, and a dysfunctional idea of hierarchy. Reid put an end to the arguments and built a strong foundation of communication.


This change slowly brought the team out of a toxic work environment and into something they could be proud of.


Their Current Odds To Win The Super Bowl

At the moment, the call is tight. The Eagles are the slight favorites to win. This isn’t just because of the old team curse, it’s also because the Eagles have had an easy ride this season.


They have triumphed over their opponents, yes, but each opposing team has either had major injuries or was low on the leaderboard. 


The odds of them winning are made from beating lesser teams. The Chief, however, had taught tooth and nail for their position. They are ready for a grueling match.


What To Expect In The Future

Regardless of whether the team wins or loses the Super Bowl, they have massively improved since Reid entered their team.


Reid continues to put the players first, which gives the team the room they need to keep moving forward. 


There is no sign that Reid is leaving the Chiefs any time soon, and seeing as this legendary coach has done so much for Kansas, why would the franchise boot their saving grace?


The future looks bright for the Kansas City Chiefs, and they can continue to experience wins and championships with Reid by their side.


Final Thoughts

Reid has a massive reputation as the best active NFL coach. He has led the Eagles to victory and has the best record of any coach currently in action. Even when he was at his worst, he was able to pull the Chiefs back from the bottom of the table.


His style of open communication and trust has truly made a difference with the Chiefs.

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