Super Bowl 55 could be the last time we see the greatest quarterback of the modern era take the field. For some, it will be a sigh of relief. For others, it might as well be the end of the world. No matter where you stand on the Brady debate, this game is going to be one for the history books. The Bucs are going for their second win in 20 years and the Chiefs are going for their second consecutive and fourth total Super Bowl on Sunday at Raymond James Stadium and Tom Brady could very well be playing in his last Super Bowl.

The end of an era and the beginning of a new era for the NFL could very well be starting. In my mind, I believe that the “old style” of dropping back and passing is over. To succeed in the league, you now have to be able to not only throw 60-yard bombs but also be able to turn on the jets and run for 65 yards as well. QB Patrick Mahomes (yes, he does sound like Kermit the frog) is a prime example of the new kind of quarterback that can not only perform these tasks but is also a franchise quarterback and has shown us in the last two years that he can get the job done.

Let’s look at the facts for both teams this season and how they stack up for this Sunday. Both teams were in the top-five for passing yards per game. No surprise there, right? Both teams are led by the best quarterbacks in the league, respectively. Hands down, no debate (sorry, Baker). Here is the kicker for both teams, though. Both teams have had trouble running the ball this season. The Bucs are 28th in the league and averaged just shy of 95 yards per game on the ground. I mean, why run the ball when you have the greatest quarterback to ever live running your offense? The Chiefs hover right around 112 yards per game. Not great, but not terrible. That number was able to hold them at 16th in the league for yards with the ground game. Defensively, it is another story. The Bucs are number one in the whole league with yards on the ground allowed. That number is just shy of 81 yards allowed on average in the ground game. With that number, on paper, they have the best run defense in the league. Now, this will be tricky for the Chiefs if they do decide to run the ball more than pass but that is not likely due to the fact that they are led by the second-best quarterback in the league.

If you are just looking on paper, both teams are equally great and best each other here and there in some aspects on both sides of the ball.

But the Bucs have something the Chiefs do not.

The thing that they have is not a thing at all, but a person. That person is Tom Brady. Whenever Brady plays in a Super Bowl, you might as well just throw the previous stats out the window. I feel like Brady was made for one thing and that thing is to play in Super Bowls. He is a different animal in early February and no matter the score or how much time is left, he can always come back and win. That’s what Brady is, a winner. I’m not saying Mahomes is not a winner, but he is not on the level that Brady is on. And for that reason and that reason alone, I believe the Bucs will take the win on Sunday. Brady could very well be playing in his last Super Bowl and I think he will pull out all the stops and play as his life depends on it.

Mahomes will win the next one and the next one and probably the next one. And probably end up with more rings than he could ever imagine. But this one, this Sunday’s game is for Brady. This one is special and holds a special place in not only my heart but also all the Brady fans across the nation.

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