Sue Me For What??? The Guardians Have a Problem

A roller derby team with the same name as the Cleveland Guardians is suing the club over the name change. Uh oh! The Dolans having to spend any amount of money. Yikes. This could be a huge problem, but should it be?


So, what even is roller derby? Here we go…

“Roller derby is a contact sport played by two teams on roller skates, on an elliptical track, in a contest called “jams” that can last up to 90 seconds each. Each team will have up to five total players on the track, including four Blockers (one blocker is called the Pivot and has a stripe on his/her helmet) and one Jammer (who will have a star on his/her helmet). Each team will have one scoring player (which may be either the Jammer or, under some circumstance, the Pivot) who will earn points by passing opposing players on the Track. Blockers skate together in a group, called the Pack. Each team’s Blockers will attempt to assist their own scorer in navigating the pack, while simultaneously trying to prevent the opposing scorer from making his/her way through the pack. They are largely responsible for the constant contact as they engage in checks and bumps. The team with the most points at the conclusion of the game will be the winner.” Via

That sounds like an absolutely awful bit of competition.

The Middle of some roller derby “action.”

This simply doesn’t sound like a game that has much relevance to actual sports fans and seems like something that a boy who didn’t make the school soccer team would play instead.

When I found out that the Cleveland Indians were actually changing the name to Guardians, of course, I was upset. This had been the name of my beloved baseball team for my entire life. However, let’s be realistic here.

This should go one of two ways.

The Roller Derby Guardians should stop complaining and simply change their name to something else that they feel is cool. Maybe like the Roller Derby Donkeys or something like that?

On the flip side, the Dolans could actually pay something and just settle with the Roller Derby team so this doesn’t become a huge deal.

It’s not going to be easy for fans of the Cleveland Indians to get used to being fans of the Cleveland Guardians. Even so, this idea of such an insignificant team trying to get the Guardians to pay up is ridiculous. Ultimately, it feels like a money grab.

No, the Cleveland Guardians Baseball Team is not going to change the name back to the Indians or anything because of this lawsuit. They may have to cough up some cash that could be going to Jose Ramirez’s contract.

Don’t worry.

You’ll still have to buy new jerseys, hats and other gear because the Guardians are going to be the Guardians and that remains true no matter how many irrelevant/meaningless sports teams try and change it.


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