April 18, 2024

And we thought this was over.

The NFL has until Thursday to appeal the suspension of six games against Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson.

Via SI: “If that were to happen, we’re talking about injunctions, all sorts of legal processes that ultimately could delay this suspension. So there’s a bunch of complicated things out there. I’m not saying he wins or loses the case, but there’s a bunch of scenarios right now that puts the Cleveland Browns when they’re assessing what’s going to happen with their quarterback into play in many different scenarios.”

It’s already been told that the NFLPA *will not* appeal the decision. That’s one hurdle in this process. However, the league itself still could appeal. If that happens, Watson has already said he will sue the league for this action.

“I’m told if the NFL does appeal this, that Deshaun Watson’s side will be filing suit against them to question the authority of Goodell to do so,” ESPN’s Jeff Darlington said on Get Up.

Essentially, what Watson would be going for is the idea that the commissioner of the NFL doesn’t have the right to change Sue L. Robinson’s final decision.

Personally, I get Watson’s feeling on this idea. After all, it was the league that appointed this judge in the first place. What would be the point of this entire process if the league was going to just turn around and change the decision made?

Let it be known that the NFL has not yet said they are going to appeal and this is just speculation moving forward.

In my opinion, the NFL should leave this alone and let everyone move on. It has been in the news for weeks and will be best for them for it to NOT be what the people are talking about anymore. That way everyone can focus on what they love in football.

Well, we’ll see what happens!


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