April 19, 2024

Yeah, I said it.

What the NFL is trying to do with these Pro Bowl Games and a flag football contest is completely stupid. Look, this is what the NFL needs to do. Simply give out the Pro Bowl awards to the players deserving. Have a ceremony and hand out a trophy to each player worthy.

Anyway, news broke that Browns defensive end Myles Garrett, a pro bowler this year, dislocated his toe at these games.


Now, what is a dislocated toe exactly?

“A dislocation is a complete separation of the bones in a joint. Often, the ligaments that hold your bones together are torn. The bones of your toe can be dislocated by jamming your toe or by any injury that causes bending or twisting.” – Healthline


So our best player gets an injury at these games. What’s so ironic is the fact that the NFL changed the actual game to these “contests” we’ll call them in order to prevent injury.

Last season for the Browns, Garrett had 16 sacks, 60 total tackles and two forced fumbles. For his career of six seasons (84 games played), Garrett has 74.5 sacks, 263 tackles and 13 forced fumbles.

Let’s hope this injury isn’t too serious and can be easily repaired. Luckily, it’s now the offseason and Garrett won’t be missing any games for the Browns moving forward despite this problem. That the defensive end will be ready to go at a 100% level for the upcoming 2023 season.

One last concern is that this could be a reoccurring injury that will happen again in the coming years. Let’s hope and pray it doesn’t.

In regard to these games the NFL had instead of a Pro Bowl game, my guess is that they will “jump the shark”¬†and won’t last in the coming years.

Well, feel better, Myles.

Certainly, we are looking forward to many more seasons of great play from one of the best in the business helping the Browns win.

Let’s get excited for a game of some actual meaning in the upcoming Super Bowl. Yet another year without our Dawgs playing for that coveted title.

One day!


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