April 19, 2024

STUPID: A *Potential* 4-8 Game Suspension For Deshaun Watson


“Oh, we’ll show him!”

Let me preface this by saying that none of this is official and the actual announcement is likely on Monday.

Via Aaron Wilson: Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson’s disciplinary ruling from Judge Sue L. Robinson, the jointly appointed disciplinary officer, is expected to be issued Monday, per league sources. Robinson has not indicated how she will rule on her first personal conduct policy case.

However, many of the reports are that the suspension will be 4-8 games in length. I don’t really get that at all. I say it either should be a suspension for an entire season or no games at all.

Letting Watson play after only a minimal suspension gives the Browns and the rest of the fans the, “What if?” 

Yes, the team did sign backup quarterback Josh Rosen for this issue of a potential suspension.

If it is somewhere in the range of 4-8 games the following will happen:

-The Browns will be stuck will a backup quarterback for a portion of the season.

-The team truly will never get the results of what could’ve been for this season.

-It really doesn’t give a punishment of any type of severity to Watson. Thus, showing that the NFL doesn’t believe what he did was truly that wrong. This may be an issue for some fans or people, in general.

Now, as a Browns fan myself, I want Watson to play for the entire season. He is obviously the most talented quarterback on the roster and having him under center the entire year could help the Browns make the playoffs and beyond.

The longer we wait for an announcement, the more I am inclined to feel that any type of suspension isn’t necessary. It’s silly for the aforementioned reasons. I don’t want to watch Jacoby Bressett suck for 4-8 games this year just to see the Browns never know how it could’ve been with Watson starting those games.

As I’ve said in many previous articles, the NFL is simply afraid to suspend Watson for a full season even though that’s what they truly want. This is because of the NFLPA and possible suing of the league.

If it is truly 4-8 games, thanks for putting us through months of speculation just for this weak suspension that is a silly slap on the wrist. Suspend Watson for the entire season if a point actually wants to be made by the league on his behavior.

Well, at least we will finally actually find out the suspension Watson is going to get. Yes, it can be appealed, but this is a starting point.




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