Stop Hitting The Panic Button After Week 3

1-2 sucks.

However, it isn’t the end of the world. Not even close…

What people fail to realize is how much the Browns have going against them. The massive amounts of attention creating pressure, a rookie head coach, a ton of injuries, suspensions to key players, a sophomore quarterback and more…

Kareem Hunt is still suspended…

It feels like the team is 1-9 instead of 1-2 with the way so-called experts are talking. Even if the team was 1-9, the idea is that this is still a long-term process. Now, at that point, said panic and blame would be a lot more understandable – BUT NOT NOW!

The Browns were one pass away from tying the game against a good Rams team.

Frankly, there is a difference between pointing out the flaws in the team’s first three games and hitting the panic button. In my last article, I pointed out the flaws. At this point, no one should count the Browns out.

Were you expecting a 16-0 season?

Sunday in Baltimore will be a tough matchup, especially between the quarterbacks. It’ll be a great measuring stick to see if the Browns rebound from the tough loss last week and how the team is overall.

If the road Browns win, those same doubters will run around their neighborhoods, drunk and naked, screaming, “SUPER BOWL!!! SUPER BOWL!!!”

And I would still urge to pump the breaks for a long season filled with difficult opponents.

I believe in Baker and I believe in Freddie. This team can do it, but it is certainly a process and that must be remembered as the season (even the years) go on.

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