Status Update on Cavaliers Kevin Love

The Cleveland Cavaliers suffered another great loss in Miami last night.

After an overall lackluster performance, the Cavs lost yet again in American Airlines Arena, 98-79, while losing Kevin Love along the way.

According to the Cavs, Love will not play tonight against the Charolette Hornets and will be reevaluated as appropriate.

The Cavs are calling Love’s first-quarter injury a “tooth subluxation” when he took an elbow to the chin. Subsequently, at half-time, Love experienced concussion-like symptoms and did not return to the game. Love has entered the NBA’s concussion protocol.

Under two minutes into the Cavaliers’ loss, Kevin Love took Heat center Jordan Mickey’s elbow to the face, which knocked his tooth loose despite wearing a mouth guard. The elbow appeared unintentional as Love attempted to draw an offensive foul. He was unsuccessful and was granted a blocking foul and a bloody mouth for his efforts.

The absence of Kevin Love was apparent throughout the loss. The Cavaliers appeared slow, lost and downright uninterested without Love on the floor. The ball was stagnant on offense and it appeared as if LeBron, once again, was the lone scoring option.

The Cavaliers’ woes will continue until Love can consistently be on the floor. Let’s just hope that he’s back and healthy sooner than later.

Photo: USA Today

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