Sporting Events Without Fans Watching Them? What?

What is this…an Indians game?

While I joke, the Tribe is usually one of the worst teams when it comes to attendance in the MLB. Even so, there are still thousands of fans at the games that have the lowest amount of people at them.

Yet, the panic button for this Corona Virus has been hit and it is clearly going to make a difference in March Madness, the NHL/NBA, soccer and other venues as the days go on.

Now, I am not a professional athlete that is used to playing in front of so many people each game. That’s a big reason why the home field/court/ice advantage is so crucial for the team in the home city. To have games without fans is crazy, unthinkable and not something even the worst team would prepare for. Sure, maybe not a sellout, but this is just…different.

If nothing was done and a fan went to a game, contracted the virus from another fan, had a bad reaction to it and ended up dying, then what? It does feel like an overreaction completely, but that’s because no one has been severely harmed at a stadium. If these types of precautions save even one life, it doesn’t sound so crazy.

Hopefully, the virus will eventually reach containment and life can return to normal.

I believe that it is better to allow the athletes and teams to continue to play without fans than canceling the games completely. It will certainly be an adjustment for the players, but they will be able to make do with what is put before them. Plus, the essential family will still be allowed there.

Now that our society has HD television broadcasts and *still* radio, too, fans can enjoy the game from the comfort of their own homes and not infect hundreds/thousands of people.

The one set of events that I am extremely curious to see play (or not play) out, are the upcoming Tokyo Olympics in Japan. That country has spent so much money, time and effort preparing for the games that are supposed to happen this summer. July 24 to be specific.

“The decision is: The Games go ahead,” IOC spokesman Mark Adams said last week. “That was made some time ago. We see no reason to change that decision. All the advice we have at the moment is, the Games are going ahead, from all the competent authorities.”

However, IF I was an athlete that was supposed to participate in the upcoming games, I’d have such extreme hesitations about flying on a plane to Japan of all places to participate. It doesn’t mean I wouldn’t do it; I’d just be extremely nervous about my susceptibility to getting Corona Virus while representing the country.

People are going to have to decide all around the world on how they want to address the virus. It will be interesting to see what gets limited, fully canceled or has no changes at all.

Here’s to a full recovery to anyone that does get infected and best wishes that the infection is halted sooner rather than later.

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