Spencer Hawes – The Center Who Lives Beyond The Arc



When I found out Spencer Hawes was initially coming to Cleveland, I was excited. Spencer Hawes brings a much needed depth to a young Cavaliers roster and a Center who has the ability to knock down the 3-pointer with ease. Ever since Hawes came to Cleveland he has been a positive addition offensively and defensively. Along with his 3-point shooting, he is also averaging 9 rebounds per game. Having Spencer Hawes, a 7’1 player who can shoot from pretty much anywhere on the floor, is making everyone else’s job easier.

Since Spencer Hawes has arrived in Cleveland, (according to basketball-reference.com) he is shooting 52% from beyond the arc. This is an impressive statistic for any guard in the league, but for a center this is a phenomenal statistic to possess and an incredible addition to an offense. With Spencer Hawes on the floor, the Cavaliers have the ability to have 5 guys on the court who can all shoot the three-ball. This is a blessing to have in the NBA and something that Mike Brown and the rest of the Cavaliers should take advantage of. Spencer Hawes has the ability to open up the shot for Kyrie Irving, which screams potential for a great offensive rotation and it has shown since his arrival.

I believe that Spencer Hawes has a bright future in Cleveland. With Anderson Varejao’s often and lengthy injuries, I think Spencer Hawes will be the better and cheaper option than Anderson Varejao in the future. Also, Tyler Zeller has been developing into a decent Center this season, and I think him and Hawes together can provide what the Cavaliers need at the Center position. Both Spencer Hawes and Tyler Zeller have impressive shooting for Centers at 45% and 52% field-goal completions.

Tonight, Spencer Hawes and the Cavaliers faced off against the Phoenix Suns at the US Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona. Spencer Hawes came out very strong in the first quarter scoring 17 points that featured three 3-point shots and was the highest scoring first quarter of his career. This just went to show that Spencer Hawes can be a valuable weapon for the Cavaliers on either end of the court. All night Spencer Hawes and company took advantage of the Suns weak defense, as the Cavaliers won 110 to 101. It was an up and down game that saw the Cavaliers jump up to a 13 point lead in the first quarter, come out of the third up by 5, and then finish it up ahead by 9. Spencer Hawes’ 17 point first quarter performance and three beautiful 3-point shots started off the great night. Spencer Hawes ended the game with 19 points, but also contributed on the boards with 6 boards and 3 assists to a great Cavaliers effort.

– Tyler Crossland

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