Speculation Swirls Around JJ Watt’s Decision To Possibly Become A Cleveland Brown

JJ Watt in a Cleveland Browns uniform! Can you picture it? Can you picture him opposite DE Myles Garrett on the Browns defensive line? Many fans and sportswriters have been speculating this very idea for a week now. News reports have come out today to suggest that Watt is seriously considering the Browns, primarily because the Browns find themselves as legitimate Super Bowl contenders, something the 31-year-old free agent Pro Bowler from the Houston Texans has at the top of his list for a future team as a certain qualification. I tried my hand at recruiting him last week in Houston. It seems the “Football Gods” are starting to listen to us die-hard Browns fans!

Regardless, the opportunity to have some fun in this new era of winning Browns football, where we have a quarterback this off-season that we know will be back next season and a now NFL Coach Of The Year in Kevin Stefanski, makes this opportunity for the Browns more entertaining. There will be other potential free agents available to the Browns even if Watt chooses to go somewhere else. I’d recommend you read fellow CST writer Steven Gill’s latest write-up to analyze that discussion. Here’s the link: http://dawgpoundsouth.net/

The three teams that Gill mentioned in his understanding of the Watt situation were the Tennessee Titans, the Green Bay Packers and the Browns.

All three teams have something that Watt’s looking for, primarily a winner’s chance at the Super Bowl. But the Browns also have the most cap space and availability to pay Watt handsomely!

What has me most hopeful goes back to a press conference that Watt had after Week 16 of the season. Click here to watch: https://youtu.be/OBdnmnkA-wE

What sits with me the most of that statement was that Watt talked about the desire to do things the right way for the fans and that the fans matter. If there’s a better fan base than the Browns in the country, please let me know!

There is none better.

And I think Watt also considers this as part of his motivation.

So don’t be surprised if that picture of Watt in a Browns home jersey comes to pass! Browns fans are in a new era! Enjoy!



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