LeBron James is back here in Cleveland, but according to far too many “sources” and “experts”…he should still be in South Beach.

Source – a place, person, or thing from which something comes or can be obtained.

If you look at the definition above, you can tell that a “source” is really anything. It says nothing about being proper, being accurate or even being real. That is where the problem lies, a problem that has rose to the surface as NBA players try to find new homes this offseason.

These past few days have driven millions upon millions of people absolutely crazy due to the lack of TRUE and ACCURATE information reported by national media members about NBA Free Agency. I’m sorry, but when three different writers have three different reports, two if not all three of them must be wrong, right?

Well, yeah. Except the average person is going to completely believe what is said, and rightfully so. Sadly, it’s sometimes as simple as that blue “verification check” next to their name on Twitter that gives people the “this is 100% accurate” notion.

Additionally, it seems as though writers are getting paid to simply state their opinions without any factual representation behind them. Anyone can give an opinion, but we don’t get paid for it. If there aren’t facts to back it up, what’s the difference if an “expert name” says it. A hunch is not always right, even if you work for ESPN.

As excited as I was that LeBron James to announced his return to Cleveland, I was more-so relieved to hear the news. Despite that fact that his decision was made many days before it was announced to the public, the national media swayed us all in the wrong direction. “Sources” they trusted, might have been wrong. But the imagination does run wild…

As a Cavs fan, I was absolutely sickened by the way ESPN and other major sports networks handled the LeBron situation. I felt that ESPN cheated the Cavs out of publicity, blatantly ignoring FACTS in order to continue presenting to a wider market of teams, specifically to the incumbent Miami Heat fans.

LeBron grew up in Akron, the Heat have no roster, LeBron has unfinished business here, the Cavaliers have a strong core of young players. All true statements, yet the Cavs were NOT talked-about as a top candidate until the very few last days.

Nationally, I believe that the free agency reports have gotten to the point where you can’t believe anyone for that matter. Isn’t that somewhat twisted? The fact that the people whom are paid to report on NBA Basketball, can’t even be trusted anymore. Sure, most of the time it isn’t intentional, but it’s still incorrect information being fed to a hungry public.

What’s changed? It is my belief that Twitter is the reason that so much false information is spread these days. Now don’t get me wrong, I know it’s been done since forever, but now that information is accessible with the simple tap of a screen.

As tumultuous a process as free agency is for the average fan, now it’s become that much more difficult to find correct information.

-Zach Shafron

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