Just a little over a week after the NBA Finals ended and people have seemed to completely forget about the heavily favored Warriors winning their third title in just four years. Why? The answer is simple and obvious: LeBron James news is taking over the sports world.

It seems at some points that rumors of LeBron staying or going have taken up hours of time discussed on sports talk shows and seemingly has taken the spotlight away from more important sporting events, such as the World Cup (which happens once every four years), or even baseball season.

This lack of interest in certain sports may be dominated strictly due to LeBron’s upcoming decision, in which many teams are hopeful the four-time MVP will end up signing with their team. However, according to my sources, LeBron has his choices down to strictly two teams: the Los Angelas Lakers and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Along with this, my source gave me some interesting information regarding chances LeBron leaves or stays, LeBron’s goal to build a team in Cleveland and his ultimate end game with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

To start, my source told me the following about LeBron’s chances to stay or leave:

“In all honesty, the chances [James] goes to LA is low.” He continued by saying “[James going to LA] is the worst case scenario for LeBron, so many things have to come to fruition for that to even be a possibility, and Dan Gilbert would have to mess up so many things with the draft and beyond to push LeBron out.”

All of this makes sense, as my source said, the chances LeBron could actually be convinced to go to LA are low due to the high amount of things that would have to happen. Not only would Kawhi Leonard have to be traded there, but another superstar would have to be added into the mix, one that would be willing to take less than the max. While I understand that Kawhi would have to be traded and only has a year left on his contract, the likelihood of LeBron, Paul George (for example) and Kawhi being on the same team is so low because each one of them will want the max at some point, as they all have made clear. Even if all three of them were to end up on the same team next year, it is likely this grouping would only last one year-something LeBron is not interested in if he truly wanted to build a team that dethroned the Warriors.

However, in terms of the draft and trades, we have seen this front office make dire mistakes before. My source wanted to stress this:

“I’m not going to tell you to rule [LA out]…look what happened with Kyrie, I definitely don’t have trust in the Cavs front office and neither does LeBron, but it would have to take a lot.”

He also brought up the fact that LeBron and Dan Gilbert’s relationship isn’t as broken as the sports media would like you to believe, saying:

“If you don’t think LeBron’s people and [Gilbert] have been talking you’re wrong.” He continued by saying “LeBron is actively searching and recruiting players to Cleveland, even more so than he did after he came back with Kevin Love.”

As a bit of a side note on Love, my source also tells me the Cavs are “not high on Kevin Love” and are “likely to move on from him if the opportunity arises to get better talent.” Whether that would be through the draft on Thursday, my source tells me it is “likely but not definite.”

In terms of controlling the narrative, my source made it clear to me that LeBron and his camp will do just that throughout the whole process. “Keep in mind that every story is coming almost directly from his camp, do not be surprised when new LeBron news comes out, and Kawhi news follows, it is all a part of the plan in controlling the narrative.”

As the conversation came to an end, my source gave me information on LeBron’s ultimate end game with the Cavaliers. They said:

“People tend to forget LeBron’s ultimate end game in the NBA, which is owning a team.” When I asked for more information, they continued “LeBron has said time and time again that he wants to raise his family in Cleveland and retire a Cavalier (remember the Sports Illustrated letter), do not be surprised when he ends up owning this team.”

All of this information is certainly exciting, however, keep in mind that LeBron has in no way made his decision yet. It will likely be a long process with a lot of rumors and storylines, and one that will be very irritating to Cavs fans. Keep in mind that patience is the best way to get through the free agency period and as news comes out or if any new information comes out from my source, I will report it here first.

(While my source has been asked to remain anonymous due to his job, he has given me insider information in the past on NBA and LeBron news, including him coming back home in 2014 weeks before anyone had an inkling of what he would do.)

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