This man Draymond Green is out of control. The refs for Game 4 did not have a handle on the game from the start and Draymond Green resumed his unruly behavior. In the first half, Draymond was assumed to have a technical assessed to him after he elbowed Iman Shumpert in the head. Then he complained to the refsĀ in the third quarter and was assessedĀ a second tech and many thought that was his second on the night. Everyone was confused when people at the scores table stated that was Green’s second technical foul and he didn’t get ejected.

Green finished the game with only one technical but you have to argue that the refs were fixing the game; Draymond is getting very close to hitting the limit for technical fouls before getting a suspension. The refs “needed” to keep the stars in the game and throwing Draymond out of the game would give the Warriors no chance., pub-2319592412860037, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

The refs from this game were horrible and it seemed like they were trying to give the Warriors all the breaks in the world.

Last year Warriors fans were complaining that having Draymond Green out of the game was the reason they lost and as a Cavs fan I want the Warriors armed with zero excuses. As of Game 5 there are no suspensions and no injuries so we still have a great series in store for us.

In an article I wrote before Game 3, I state that whoever won that game would win the series but I am once again on the ‘Cavs in 7’ bandwagon. With Draymond being annoyed by the players on the court and the fans bullying him, he insists that he doesn’t pay attention to the fans but everyone notices that we’re in his head.

Draymond hasn’t wowed us so far this playoffs but we have to be worried that he could have another performance like Game 7 last year.

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