February 25, 2024

Yes, I graduated from Solon High School – Class of 2015. Of course, I was a legend in those parts. I appreciated the statue that was built of me by the city. Okay, I’ll stop with the jokes.

In all seriousness, I did play clarinet for the marching band and it was an experience every single week. It was so fun being with friends, watching the team play the football games themselves and celebrating when Solon was victorious.

“According to a statement from the Euclid City School District, the Solon Comets have decided to forfeit Friday’s game as opposed to traveling to Euclid Community Stadium.” – News 5 

***Solon says it’s a “no contest” while Euclid is claiming a forfeit.

When I saw this news, it really saddened me. The fact that the city, keep in mind it’s not just the players but also the band traveling and such, felt it was too dangerous to make it to the game. So much so that the team was willing to forfeit the game.

These areas need to be safe enough for everyone involved. I do not blame the city for not traveling if it’s not safe enough. Could you imagine if something horrific happened to a person or people because of attending a dangerous stadium/game?

In football, sometimes it’s good to simply play it safe. Run the ball, try and keep the clock going in order to win a game. This is much more than simply football, but it’s along the same lines. Solon was smart to play it safe even though it’s sad.

Sad that these kids didn’t get the chance to compete in a huge game. Sad that the band couldn’t perform even after working hard too.

People say you can’t hear the clarinet (my instrument) anyway while playing in a band. While that may be true, Solon was heard after this decision.

Let’s hope that things change in these cities moving forward so we don’t have these issues in the future. That players and fans feel comfortable going anywhere to perform and cheer on the team.

Now, everyone is going to be stuck watching the Browns (On Bye Week) for a football fix instead of high school football. That’s not fun either.

Full statement provided by Euclid City Schools: HERE




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