September 26, 2022

Solid Case To Start Keenum And Rest The Baker

Do you want a chance at victory Thursday?

Some will argue that Mayfield gives us the best chances at winning the game Thursday, despite the shoulder injury. If you could take a step back, not being simply a Browns fan and just see this for what it is, you have an injured quarterback that should be shut down by the team already. They haven’t and thus we’re having this conversation. I’m not an NFL coach, nor are you but it certainly doesn’t seem logical or safe to put an injured quarterback who’s shoulder keeps getting separated back in there on the field only four days after getting seriously hurt again.

Rocky would would stay in the ring until that final bell. I get it, but that’s a movie and this is real life in the NFL. Take a breather Baker. We are all behind you but we all want you healthy.  

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