Injuries to offensive line and running backs

I certainly don’t want to risk Keenum getting injured Thursday night if he were to start, but I definitely don’t want Mayfield out there Thursday risking this season and his career including those Progressive commercials. Ok those commercials aren’t the point here, but wouldn’t you rather see our franchise quarterback take a break rather then sustaining a break like of the shoulder, leg, or arm? 

I say this because the Browns offensive line is a disaster at the moment. It couldn’t get much worse with all the injuries to the line. There’s absolutely no certainty that the line can give Mayfield any protection right now. Mayfield has already been sacked 18 times this season, on pace for 50 this season. Mayfield was sacked 40 times two seasons ago before only being sacked 26 times all of last season. .So what is happening right now with Mayfield in the offensive backfield is not going to fix itself magically with that beat up line. 

Now you add in the fact that both Browns running backs Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt are out for several games, and you now have no run game and are going to put more stress on the quarterback to throw the ball and win games.That’s simply not the Browns way of winning.  Maybe the ground game can get a boost Thursday injecting D’Ernest Johnson and John Kelly. They were both outstanding in the preseason. But with that offensive line in ruins it might not be able to give flight to the new running backs.

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