September 25, 2022

Solid Case To Start Keenum And Rest The Baker

Keenum is a solid replacement

Keenum has been in the NFL now since 2013. He has a 30-41 overall record, has been a starter before and has provided teams he’s played for in the past a reliable arm. He was coached by Browns coach Kevin Stefanski back in 2017 as a Minnesota Viking. He finished that season with the Vikings going 12-3 and also winning a crazy playoff game against the New Orleans Saints. 

Keenum has thrown 75 touchdowns to only 47 interceptions in his career. He has totaled over 14,420 yards through the air. So it’s not as though the Browns are throwing a fragile rookie or a lifelong backup that has only started five games in their career. He know’s Stefanski’s system and would likely bring some stability to the job at the moment since Mayfield is not physically healthy. 

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