Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield is starting to remind me more of Rocky Balboa these days then the the Browns franchise quarterback taking care of himself and taking a break for a week from playing in a football game. He’s now had four separated shoulders, a torn labrum and his left arm was in a sling after the loss to the the Arizona Cardinals Sunday evening. 

Rocky never quiet, he kept getting punched in the face and gut but kept on fighting. His eyes might be swollen shut but that wouldn’t stop him from continuing to swing away. 

As much as I love Rocky and who doesn’t, I think Mayfield would be well advised to take it easy for a while and hope to be ready for the Pittsburgh Steelers game on Halloween. Let the Browns back up quarterback Case Keenum take the reins of the offense for a week. There are many various reasons for this, the biggest being Mayfield needing to rest the shoulder from further punishment this Thursday. Let’s inspect all the logical reasons to rest Rocky, I mean Baker for a game. 


“Rest does the body good”. Have you heard anyone say that to you, especially after working very hard, without much rest for the weary? 

Today, at the Browns press conference Mayfield discussed his shoulder and his status for Thursday and if he’ll be able to play. Here’s his response as reported by WEWS Digital content producer  Camryn Justice, “So its my decision. I get to say whether I’m able to play or not and that’s how it is.”

As much as Mayfield wants to have the final say in the matter, his organization and coaches should step in, as I expect they are doing and will do before the game Thursday, and rest Mayfield for the game.

Resting makes the most sense. This is game seven of the season. There will still be ten more games after this one. This one game is important to try and win and not trotting Mayfield out there on a bum shoulder and go with a rested veteran quarterback like Keenum is the wisest move. 

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