December 8, 2023

Option 4. Harvey hears the appeal and rules on a one-year indefinite suspension. The NFLPA will defiantly file a federal lawsuit, probably in a friendly jurisdiction (New York, home of the NFL offices). I’ll put this as the most like scenario.

It’s been pointed out that because the Personal Conduct Policy is in a negotiated CBA, no court would hear the case or hear the case and quickly rule against the players union. However, if the NFLPA files the PCP is discriminatory and uses Judge Robinson’s ruling the policy is inconsistently applied, then the union may have a case. They would then file an injunction to stay the suspension and Watson would play until a ruling is made. It could take months or over a year., pub-2319592412860037, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

It was announced Friday that the players union filed its paperwork for the appeal. The bottom line, is the commissioner appointed a person who is very supportive of big business and the NFL is the big business. I expect a one-year suspension and a heavy fine. Then the union will go to court. Finally, some talking heads have brought up the NFLPA saying they won’t appeal the decision. If you read their statement, they said they wouldn’t appeal Susan Robinson’s decision. This thing is headed to court.

No one said being a Browns fan was easy.


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