Everyone knows the Cavs defense is bad. We get it. There’s no way to sugarcoat it, they’re just bad. But what gets lost in all this is how good the offense is. Our Cleveland Cavaliers have the best offense in the NBA. They are averaging 108 points a game and have two players in the top ten in scoring. And to top it off LeBron is leading the league in scoring. How come nobody wants to talk about that?

The Cavs offense has been amazing so far this year, and at times it’s been unbelievable. In just two and a half weeks the offense has come full circle. After starting the year with poor offensive performances against the Knicks and Trail Blazers, the Cavs have been on fire. They’ve scored 100 or more points in six of their eight games. They hit 19 3’s in Saturday night’s win against the Hawks. The Cavs have the ability to hit 3’s like that every night, that wasn’t just a fluke. Kyrie is doing an outstanding job by leading the offense. He has a remarkable assists to turnover ratio of 5 to 1. LeBron is shooting a way above average 42% from behind the arc. LeBron is already nearly impossible to guard, just imagine what kind of numbers he can put up if he keeps shooting 3’s like this. The Cavs are sharing the ball and allowing everybody to get involved in the scoring. Teams can’t key on just one person, everyone is scoring.

David Blatt’s offense is working brilliantly. The Cavs can beat you in many ways on the offensive side of the floor. They can drive to basket, post up, hit the 3, and get to the foul line. They are in the top 5 in points per game, 3 point percentage, turnovers against, and free throw percentage. The Cavs can and will beat you in almost every way imaginable on offense.

The scary part about this offense is it hasn’t even reached its full potential. Kevin Love is scoring 17 points a game while shooting a dismal 38% from the field. I expect Love’s numbers to improve as he adjusts to this offense. By the end of the year there’s no reason to believe he won’t be averaging between 20 and 22 points a game. Mike Miller and Dion Waiters haven’t adjusted to their role in this offense yet either. Both are averaging below their normal standards. I also expect to see Marion’s offensive numbers to improve as he sees more playing time. Joe Harris has also emerged off the bench as a legitimate 3 point threat. The Cavs have so many weapons on offense. It’s great to watch and gets you out of your seat every offensive possesion.

The last time I checked, all you need to do is score more points than the other team to win games. Don’t worry, the defense will come around. It won’t be awful all year. But when it does come around this team will be unstoppable. Is it too early to call this team the Showtime Cavs? I don’t think it is.


pic credit to peachtreehoops.com

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