March 4, 2024

PG Collin Sexton was considered the Cavs star player and team leader coming into this season. Before his season-ending left knee meniscus injury, he led the Cavs in scoring with 16 points per game.

In the 11 games he played at the beginning of the season, the Cavs were 7-4. It was widely believed across the league that the Cavs season would be on a downward trend with their talented leader out of the picture.

However, fans and media members are amazed that the young studs left on the Cavs roster have since come out of their shells and have shown us exactly what they are made of when the lights are at their brightest. Since Sexton’s injury, the Cavs have a 23-15 record.

In addition, they have seen the emergence of G Darius Garland as a true leader and All-Star talent. He’s averaging a shade under 20 points a game while dishing out eight assists.

Darius currently has the 4th highest Plus-Minus in the NBA at +325. Meaning his team is much better when he is on the floor and he is a significant contributor to their success.

The rest of the team has greatly benefited from Garland running the show. The team has improved in FG% and offensive production.

We have seen players step up like PG Ricky Rubio before his season-ending knee injury. Rubio recorded a career-high on November 7th with 37 points while still dishing out 10 assists. In addition, we’ve watched PF Jarrett Allen have a career year averaging 16 points and 11 rebounds per game.

Furthermore, we have proudly watched as rookie Evan Mobley has established himself as a defensive presence and an overall solid performer. He averages 15 points, 8 rebounds, and just under two blocks per game. The ceiling is sky-high for this young man.

With a new leader playing so well, it’s hard to imagine the Cavs going back to the way things were upon Sexton’s return.  However, the team believes he could return in time for the post-season.

Many have in the back of their minds whether Sexton, a young alpha personality, would be willing to accept a lesser role to keep team continuity.  Because the playoffs aren’t the time to adjust the roster and possibly mess things up. This leads to the question, should the Cavs trade Collin Sexton before the February 10th trade deadline? Tell us what you think.


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