The man hit the biggest shot in Cleveland Cavaliers History. Sadly, it didn’t exactly end well for star point guard Kyrie Irving in Cleveland, but that moment in 2016 is a big reason why the team won Game 7 and became champions. That ball clanks off the rim and us fans could still be wondering…what could’ve been?

Irving was drafted by the Cavs with the first pick in 2011 out of Duke. This being when LeBron James was enjoying his glory days in Miami. Kyrie was a fantastic player his entire career, but he didn’t carry that same dominance such as a LeBron-like-player, where he could turnaround a franchise just with his presence on the floor.

PG Collin Sexton currently wears the #2 on the Cavs. Yes, he’s starting to turn into a solid point guard. But nothing like Irving…at least not yet.

It essentially comes down to this:

Was the shot Kyrie made enough to retire his number?¬†My answer is yes and here is why…

Take a look at these career regular and postseason statistics below.

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Obviously, Uncle Drew has always been a star. If that shot in Oracle was made by some benchwarmer, then his number shouldn’t be retired. The shot, in addition to a great career, is why I would retire that #2 if it were up to me. I’m sure plenty of fans would disagree out of spite.

It simply did not work out that Kyrie Irving could have played his whole career in Cleveland. Both sides seem to have moved on. Best of luck to Kyrie for the rest of his career (if the NBA ever plays games again). One day, this is going to be debated in a conference room with important people. (I’ll be there…just kidding.)

Watch the shot for the millionth-and-first time below!

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