Should the Cavs Look to Bring Back Tristian Thompson if Given a Chance?

Center Tristan Thompson was recently traded from the Sacramento Kings to the Indiana Pacers. Thompson is an 11-year veteran and 2016 NBA Champion with the Cavs and played his best basketball for the team.

Thompson was selected by the Cavs in the 2011 NBA Draft. He played nine seasons for the Cavaliers and averaged 9.4 points and 8.7 rebounds per game with the team.

Tristan signed a two-year, $18.9 million contract with the Boston Celtics in November 2020. He was traded to the Sacramento Kings this past July. He has averaged 6.2 points in 30 games with the Kings. However, many feel his game is on the decline.

Thompson is getting paid $9.7 million this season.  He recently recovered from injury but has not played in a game since January 9th.

Thompson illegally said to a woman pregnant with his child in a personal paternity suit that he was retiring after this season.

It is rumored that the Pacers may buy out Thompson’s contract, making him a free agent. Would it be a smart move for the Cavs to pursue Thompson on the buyout market, even if it is just for the remainder of the season?

Tristan has a reputation for being a solid rebounder, especially on the offensive end. In addition, he has an enormous wingspan, great energy and effort to battle constantly in the low post. Tristan can convert high-percentage baskets when his number is called.  Making him a good backup center to come behind Jarrett Allen.

Lastly, Thompson knows what it takes to win an NBA title, valuable experience to have on a young up and coming team.

Are you convinced yet? Let us know.

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