With Browns QB Deshaun Watson dealing with an injury that none of us really know the extent of his status, questions are looming on whether the Browns should trade for a new backup quarterback. Fans have stated that they would not mind seeing former Browns QB Jacoby Brissett return, but I will tell you the Browns should leave everything the way it is.

Sure, Jacoby Brissett would help this team win, but why should the Browns give up a 5th-round pick for someone who is only going to be an 11-game rental at the most? Current backup QB PJ Walker has proven that he can win games for the Browns. He is not the greatest quarterback, but he has done enough to keep the Browns in the mix.

PJ Walker helped the Browns get an upset win over the San Francisco 49ers two weeks ago and came into the game late in the first quarter against the Colts where he led an 80-yard game-winning drive to win the game 39-38 last week.

The Browns have a solid record of 4-2 and have a team built to win regardless of the quarterback. The defense is having historical moments while the offense still finds ways to put points on the board. The Browns should leave everything as it is with the hope Deshaun Watson returns in a few weeks. If the Browns can win a few more games until he is back, the Browns will be a threat.

Let’s see how these next few games pan out. The Browns are 4-2 and it is not even close to panic yet!

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