Should The Browns Consider Bringing Back Josh Gordon?

The man has been suspended from the league six various times.

The Browns gave him multiple chances.

Thus, why would bringing back wide receiver Josh Gordon make any sense?

Well, setting the stage… The Browns placed wide receiver Jarvis Landry on injured reserve with the MCL sprain sustained in the Houston game. He’ll miss three weeks (could be more, sadly). Additionally, wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. keeps missing games due to his ACL comeback. Missing both of those studs will obviously hurt quarterback Baker Mayfield and the Browns. Note – OBJ could be back this week.

What did Gordon do after the latest suspension?

“After his conditional reinstatement to the NFL was rescinded, Gordon joined the Zappers of the Fan Controlled Football league in February to play with former Cleveland Browns teammate Johnny Manziel. Gordon’s return to football ended when the Zappers were eliminated in the playoffs.” – ESPN 

Now, an average Browns fan will likely think the idea of a Gordon return to Cleveland as completely absurd. After all, the Browns are a great team and are poised for an amazing season. Gordon would be a big distraction if he were to be signed by the team.

Say Gordon gets reinstated, is on the market and could be signed by any team. Now for sure knowing that Landry is out for at least three weeks and OBJ is really unpredictable having not returned yet this year from the prior injury. The Browns may want to just consider…

Josh Gordon at peak level is an absolute threat. To have him as an option for Baker to throw to would be amazing. Unfortunately, the amount of baggage that comes with the troubled receive is enormous, too.

Hopefully, the Browns can bring OBJ back this Sunday. Then Jarvis comes back quickly and this team full of talent, overcomes the injuries sustained.

Gordon is something for GM Andrew Berry and company to consider. That’s all… The possibilities are endless with that man on the field.

After all, they call him FLASH for a reason!

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