Should QB Josh McCown Join The 2017 Browns Staff?

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With the Cleveland Browns season coming to an end, we can start looking ahead into next year. Josh McCown, who will turn 38 in July, has one more year left on his contract and is due $3.6 million plus $750,000 roster bonus. As of now, McCown has gone on record saying he plans on playing in 2017. If he does play, it might not be as a Brown. There is a ton of evaluation needed this off-season and the veteran quarterback might not make the cut. However, should he retire, Hue Jackson would love for him to join his coaching staff.

Josh has been in the league since 2002 when he was drafted by Arizona in the third round. Since then, he has played with six other teams over a 14-year span. He had played in numerous offensive systems, playing for nine head coaches and 12 offensive coordinators. He has tons of knowledge stored in that brain of his. McCown has truly seen the ups and downs of the NFL playing for both winning and losing teams.

I believe McCown would make a great coach. He pretty much already has been the past two seasons. While dealing with injuries, he has had plenty of time to mentor our young quarterbacks. He did a good job with Johnny Manziel before he went haywire and Cody Kessler managed games well for a rookie. McCown has the makings to be a terrific quarterback coach. He may even develop into an offensive coordinator or head coach one day.

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