April 14, 2024

Should LeBron James Reference Nick Gilbert’s Passing Away?


We all heard the sad news of a Cleveland Legend in Nick Gilbert, son of Cavs owner Dan Gilbert, passing away. Nick suffered from neurofibromatosis, a genetic disorder that causes tumors to grow on nerve pathways anywhere in the body that has no known cure.

The question I have is will Cavaliers’ eternal legend LeBron James mention this young man’s passing? Whether it be in an interview, a tweet or a post of some sort. After all, Nick was a big part of LeBron’s success when he allowed the Cavs to get the first overall pick with his good luck charm and bowtie.

This led to the team getting point guard Kyrie Irving and eventually creating the super-team that beat Golden State in 2016, coming back from down three games to one. A story that simply never gets old.

So far, it doesn’t appear like anything has been said from Camp James.

Yes, obviously LeBron and Dan had their differences throughout the years when Gilbert called him the “Self-Proclaimed King” after he left Cleveland for Miami in 2010. However, wasn’t that all erased when James came back in 2014 and won the subsequent title in 2016?

I think it would be very cool for LeBron to write or say some nice words about this legendary young man and his unfortunate passing at such a young age. It would be extremely heart-warming, despite the fact that James is not currently on the Cavaliers and is fighting a playoff battle as a member of the Lakers.

Well, we will simply have to wait and see how LeBron and the rest of the NBA Community react to this tragic loss. It’s so sad to see someone as young as Mr. Gilbert passing away. A message from The King himself would really mean a lot to not just the Gilbert Family, but simply for Cleveland Cavaliers fans as a whole that are going through this together. Anything LeBron says carries an extreme magnitude despite what uniform he currently wears. From Wine and Gold to Miami and even Los Angeles…

LeBron, the ball is in your court. Make something good out of this horrific situation.

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