Should Hue Jackson Be on the Hot Seat?

Updated: September 18, 2017

Here we go again.

Am I jumping the gun a bit early on this one? Well, some would say yes. However, after yesterday’s absolutely horrific performance, I believe that Hue Jackson’s seat should be a warming up a bit. Just a little bit, now.

The final score of 24-10 was misleading as the Ravens let the Browns stay in the game the entire afternoon. It was very similar to the Steelers’ game a week earlier. Both could have easily been blowouts. Or, if the Browns had actually executed their game plan, they could be 2-0 right now.

The Browns made so many dumb penalties and horrible mistakes that prevented them from making any gains and overcoming a quarterback that was already feeling the burn from migraine headaches. The clock management was bad with multiple delay of games. Additionally, the play calling was suspect. Calling a QB draw on 1st and goal? C’mon now!

This is a young team with a rookie quarterback that has a lot to learn before even getting close to contention. However, Hue Jackson’s record as a head coach in Cleveland is 1-17. From last year to this year, I do not see much improvement in this team at all.

The lack of talent is one thing, but not having a disciplined team falls on the coaching staff. The least the Browns can do is hire an offensive coordinator to relieve Jackson of some of his duties. He clearly cannot run the team and call the plays at the same time.

Relax, everyone. No way will the Browns fire Jackson after Week 2 of the season. But his seat certainly has to be warming up just a little. The next three games are against the Colts, Bengals and Jets. All three of those are really winnable games. If the Browns don’t take at least 2/3 of those games, expect to start hearing some complaints from the impatient Browns fan base. That’d be a 1-4 record and another horrible start to a season.

Hue Jackson has a great reputation for handling his players, but there is a video of both wide receivers Kenny Britt and Sammie Coates barely running their routes and not even caring about the team. It’s an embarrassment to the city and needs to get corrected.

Everyone supporting this team is tired of firing head coaches and restarting the process, but if the Browns continue to play this poorly, expect the chatter to grow as the season goes on. Usually, it is two years and done in Cleveland.

It’s year two.

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