Never has there been such a crazy ending to the biggest game in sports. Everyone’s seen it, or at least heard of the Seattle vs. New England Super Bowl XLIX finish.

Both these teams, however, have experience extreme success for years. (Many, many years for New England). So, regardless of the outcome neither of these cities would be dying due to any type of football famine. And then, well then there’s our Browns…

Everyone here in Cleveland knows just have terrible it’s been:

Since ’99:

  • One playoff berth.
  • Two winning seasons.
  • Eight head coaches.
  • 22 quarterbacks.
  • Years of failure.
  • Millions of tears.
  • Thousands of broken TVs, remotes, etc.
  • Infinite pain.

Despite all the years of garbage, one cannot help but fantasize what it would be like for our beloved Brownies to play in the Super Bowl. While it hasn’t happened yet, there’s bound to be a time where we miraculously find a way to get there. Right? Right? Right? Led by a quarterback that actually knows what he’s doing. Yeah? Yeah? Yeah?

Cleveland is the city of heartbreak when it comes to sports, so why should the Super Bowl be any different? Truthfully, it’d be hard to come up with a scenario more heartbreaking than Sunday’s was for Seattle fans. (Oh, no. They hadn’t one a Super Bowl for an entire year. Poor them.)

Interestingly enough, it seems as if they actually stole the Browns future storyline that should have occurred within my lifetime (I think).

After a historically great season, the Browns are in the dance. They have the late lead, lose it and then drive down nearly all the way, with an awesome catch practically sealing the deal, before a bad coaching blunder and terrible throw ruined everything. That’s SOOO Cleveland Browns-esque right there.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) depending on how you look at it, Seattle stole our mojo as New England claimed their fourth title since the turn of the century.

Like every other year, Browns players were enjoying the game from their TVs at home. Reflecting back on yet another disappointing season, one that actually had a damn good start. The saying goes “there’s always next year,” but when will that next year be our time to shine?

So thanks, Seattle. For making it quite difficult for the Browns to disappoint us in an even worse way once they make it to the Super Bowl. You damn well already know that they’ll find a way. After all, impossible is truly nothing.

-Zach Shafron




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