Seahawks and Refs Defeat Browns

I can’t take much more of this. As a fan, I’m sickened by this complete underachieving effort by the Browns. As a writer, I don’t have much else to write about, and quite frankly, I’m tired of sitting down to type angry articles about another loss. Today displayed yet another lackluster effort. The Browns laid an egg in the second half and the refs deserve the lowest possible performance review from today’s officiating.

Baker seriously needs to get his accuracy in check. At this point, he is guaranteed to throw two interceptions a game. It doesn’t help when this dream tandem of OBJ and Landry have stone hands and ricochets become all too common. Then there is the case of Freddie Kitchens who is definitely in over his head. The famed Freddie/Baker relationship we saw last season is very much irrelevant right now. Not only that, but his inability to get this team disciplined is a glaring flaw like no other.

I am not certain where the team stands after today’s putrid loss, but before today they were the second-most penalized team in the league and also ranked second in most yards penalized. Yay. Something to be proud of, mom. We’re near the top in something. What is even more heinous with Kitchens’ work is that he isn’t Jimmy Johnson coming into a bad Cowboys team that should gradually get better. He’s come into a talented Browns squad that should have mustered more than their two measly wins thus far.

I recently came to the defense of John Dorsey in a Facebook Browns forum when someone stated we need a smarter GM. As this guy was breaking down the reasoning behind his words, I realized how quickly I was becoming disarmed in the argument. He was right. Dorsey traded away defense, specifically a safety in Peppers for OBJ. Yes, I was excited when we got the receiver, but I was also concerned considering Beckham’s overly dramatic history.

There’s the Kevin Zeitler trade in which we parted ways with a competent offensive lineman, an area the Browns do not exactly excel in. Then nothing is done in this year’s draft to significantly strengthen the o-line. Finally, to top it off, we let go of the guy who won us a number of games as an interim head coach, but instead make the running backs coach/interim offensive coordinator the main guy. Sorry, Gregg Williams. I thought the job was yours, but I don’t get to make the decisions.

While there is nothing the team can do to escape bad officiating, Freddie definitely needs to get his team under control and locked in on a regular basis and it needs to happen yesterday.

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