March 4, 2024

Everyone knows that final play of a football game where the losing team tries to lateral the ball a bunch of times to each other in order to score a final touchdown. Well, this isn’t exactly what the Browns did but it was something quite disastrous. Let’s set the stage.

It’s the fourth quarter and Denver defensive tackle D.J. Jones recovered a fumbled reverse at the Cleveland 20-yard line early in the fourth quarter. The Broncos now have the ball up 17-12 and the 4th quarter just beginning at this time.

Many are questioning why coach Stefanski is calling a reverse with an inexperienced quarterback in the game in PJ Walker. Of course, running back Pierre Strong Jr. is at fault for the fumble itself, but the play is wild.

This is where I call out this “Schoolyard Bullshit.” It’s the type of play I would run with my buddies at recess or out in the backyard when I was a kid. Something completely crazy or out of the box. Right?

It’s a one-score game on the road with said rookie quarterback now in after DTR’s injury. I’m running the ball with my backs or throwing simple pass patterns to wide receivers. Moving the ball down the field in order to try and score that touchdown to take the lead late.

Coach Stefanski – No need to get cute late in the game with plays I’m running in “Madden” on my Xbox or whatnot.

Well, what ended up happening is after the fumble is the Broncos got a touchdown to take an even bigger lead. They would end up winning by a score of 29-12. However, it’s that fumble off of the reverse that was an absolute killer and destroyed any type of hope the Browns needed.

The Browns need to know what type of team they have and what plays to simply call because of the situation at hand. This loss hurts and it wasn’t just that play alone, but that was a big one that ruined any type of chance.

Cleveland is now 7-4 on the season and plays in LA against the Rams next week, followed by at home against the Jaguars. The last weeks are vs Chicago, @ Houston, vs Jets and at Cincinnati to finish the year.

Right now the AFC North has the Ravens leading at 9-3, the Steelers at 7-4 sharing the same record as the Browns and the Bengals with a 5-6 record at the bottom of the division.

Hey coach, in the coming weeks let’s cut the “Schoolyard Bullshit” from your playcalling.

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