Schedule Flip Could’ve Changed it All

In an almost-impossible attempt to find a silver lining from the Browns 38-6 loss to the Baltimore Ravens, what if the schedule makers instead had the Cincinnati Bengals come to Cleveland to start the year? It would’ve been a much easier beginning to this unique season than the actual opponent and location.

Keep in mind, there was no preseason for this team to get acclimated amongst one another with a lot of new faces and coaches in brown and orange. I certainly believed a loss was coming to the Ravens, but I did not think it was going to be a 30+ point beatdown.

There is no way to know for sure, but the Browns probably would have won that game against Cinci to start the season against an opponent much, much weaker than the Ravens. Then, taking that momentum and optimism to Baltimore for the second game on a Thursday night and the outcome could have been a lot different than 38-6.

Is it an excuse? Yep.

Would the Browns for sure have started 2-0? Hell no.

However, it was such a tough opponent to start the season and it certainly showed with that final score.

Moving forward, it will be interesting to see if this team that is filled with talent is actually as bad as what was presented this past Sunday. Or, in the coming games, will they make up for such a terrible start and win some battles.

Kareem Hunt was a bright spot for the Week 1 loss.

Next three games: 

Vs. Bengals

Vs. Washington

@ Cowboys 

The team has many more games to prove themselves.

It starts on Thursday night against the aforementioned Bengals and continues on with the progression of the season. No one is expecting the Browns to win the Super Bowl this year, but it also would be nice to be competitive for once. To take those steps to become a Super Bowl contender in the near future.

In the first week, the Browns looked like they were contending for pick #1. Let’s see if that changes as the year continues…

The schedule is what it is and that is what the Browns must deal with moving forward. However, if the first game was against a weaker opponent, who knows what the fanbase would be saying at this point in time.

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