Schedule Doesn’t Take Away From Streak Validity

Updated: September 14, 2017

There are always going to be haters no matter what someone or a team achieves. The Indians winning 21-straight games is one of the greatest accomplishments in sports history and should be recognized as such.

Now, there are pundits and Twitter losers saying that a weak schedule has contributed to the streak, so it shouldn’t be valid. Well, first of all, the streak started with a win against a very good Boston Red Sox team. The Indians also swept a good New York Yankees club on the road and swept a .500 Baltimore Orioles team at home. The rest of the streak is against bad teams in the AL Central (Royals aren’t even that bad), the premise of their argument.

Here is the full schedule of their streak:

Of course, the opponents contributed to the streak. If the Tribe was playing the best teams in baseball, there’s no way they could have done this. However, many teams before this have played a stretch against bad teams and did not win every single game.

In baseball, sweeping a team is an accomplishment in itself, even against a bad bunch. Usually, winning 2/3 games is acceptable. The Indians have six sweeps in a row! The best teams lose 60-70 games a year and the worst teams win that amount.

To win 21 games in a row against major league teams, despite how good or bad they are, is absolutely incredible. A couple walks and a bad pitch could lose a game. An error or an opportunity missed with runners on base may do the same.

The Indians have played 21 games of nearly flawless baseball and this streak should face no type of criticism from anyone. Focus on your own team that is not currently making history each and every time they take the field.

The Indians will see you in the postseason and you will truly realize just how good a baseball team this is. If the Wahoos weren’t a favorite to win the World Series before this streak, they certainly should be #1 right now.

Tonight, the Kansas City Royals have a chance to end the streak. They’re a team in the hunt, so we’ll have to see how the Tribe responds. If the Indians win tonight, they will have the longest winning streak in the history of the game. However, the undefeated streak sits at 26 games due to a tie.

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