Santana Making Me Look Smarter Than My Brother…For Once

My brother Matthew is typically the one to get things right. However, my article on Sunday that talks about Carlos Santana going above and beyond expectation was simply reinforced Monday night against the Red Sox in a 6-5 walk-off win.

Closer Brad Hand blew a 5-4 lead for his second blown save in as many games. Ironically, he’s 2-0 W/L because of them. This one I’d partially blame on Tyler Naquin missing a ball in right field, but it ended up being okay.

Watch this piece of hitting:

On the night, Santana went 3/4 with said HR and RBI, plus a walk. He’s now hitting .286 on the year.

There are too many good things that could be said about this veteran slugger, who has now hit 200 career homers in an Indians uniform.

Now, it’d be nice to not blow a lead every game and have to rely on a walk-off. However, it is admittedly fun to watch. The Indians now have sole possession of the top spot for the first time since April 20!

Frankly, it’s an exciting time to be a Tribe fan. Let’s hope these guys can keep the success going and take yet another division title led by Carlos Santana’s bat!

The team has two more games against the Red Sox before facing both New York teams on the road.

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