Sammy Watkins and Andrew Wiggins Have Something In Common


Many Cleveland Browns fans were desperate for the selection of Texas A&M electrifier quarterback Johnny Manziel this past NFL Draft. However, another highly regarded college player was Clemson wide receiver Sammy Watkins. This explosive talent tore up various different college defenses on Saturday’s, and is poised to do the same on Sunday’s with the Buffalo Bills.

With the Browns on the clock, the team shocked us all by trading down to the number nine spot. Most fans thought it was going to be Manziel or Watkins. A trade didn’t seem eminent, but thats exactly what happened. The Bills jumped up, grabbed Watkins and his 1464 receiving yards from last season. In return, the Browns did receive the Bills’ first round pick for next year’s draft.

A few months later, the Cavaliers were blessed to receive the number one overall pick with just a 1.7 percent chance. The team selected Andrew Wiggins, and the city was very excited to welcome to former Kansas star to Cleveland. However, when a certain LeBron James decided to come home Andrew Wiggins was traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves for power forward Kevin Love (expected to go through on the 23rd). Most likely per King James’ demands.

What do these two stars that nearly played in a Cleveland uniform both have in common?

Simply put, they’re teasers.

Ya see, it takes more than a random melting pot of talent to win championships. It’s the perfect mix of players that make a team the successful. Each one with their own role that ends up making the team elite.

Yes, drafting Sammy Watkins makes so much sense especially due to the fact that the Browns KNEW about Josh Gordon’s pending year-long suspension. However, after being blinded by the sheer fact that the Browns will not have a number one receiver this season I came to the realization that we are not going to win the super bowl in 2014-15. Drafting corner back Justin Gilbert out of Oklahoma State with the ninth pick solidifies both side of our defense for many years to come. Browns defensive coordinator Jim O’Neil was even quoted as saying that Gilbert is “on his way to being great.”

The kicker is that even if Josh Gordon does get that devastating year-long suspension, he’ll be back and ready to go next season. The Browns smartly cited last year’s super bowl champs, the Seattle Seahawks, as a team that won the super bowl without a dominate receiver. The Hawks won it with defense, especially their unbelievable secondary that even hall of fame quarterback Peyton Manning couldn’t solve.

So this season, when you see Sammy Watkins score all of those touchdowns for the Bills I beg of you to not panic about the Browns’ decision to pass on him.

For the Cavaliers, trading away Andrew Wiggins was difficult for some people. Sure, he has to potential to become a star in this league, but on this current roster he simply doesn’t fit. Even Wiggins himself admitted that he wants to be “the man.” Here in Cleveland, he’s behind LeBron James and Kyrie Irving. A number one overall pick is rarely the 3th option on a team.

Trading for Kevin Love, whom averaged 26 points and 12 rebound a night last season, will be a move that’ll help the Cavaliers win a championship. ¬†I ask that you act numb to Andrew Wiggins’ amazing season on the Timberwolves. It’ll be a lot easier than Sammy Watkins, because this year it’s the Cavs and not the Browns that are going deep into the playoffs.

As we kick and tip off, both Sammy Watkins and Andrew Wiggins will be extreme teasers for Cleveland fans. However, it’s important to realize that talent isn’t the only factor in winning a championship.

The results will come, I promise.

-Zach Shafron


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