Monday Night Football was an absolute disaster. A worse experience than any Browns fan could have imagined. Finally, our new-look team was being showcased to the entire world, albeit preseason. However, it turned in into a bad-passing-middle-finger-shit-show, pardon my french. The Browns looked absolutely pathetic. A team that would struggle against premier college squad. This hyped-up quarterback competition has turned into who can be the worst instead of the best.

Both Brian Hoyer and Johnny Manziel have been battling to be the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, and it’s been the talk around the league for weeks. Unfortunately, it was neither of them that shined on Monday Night Football but rookie Conner Shaw that actually made the throws, moved the ball and almost won the game for the Browns on a Hail Mary miracle toss that was actually bobbled, tipped and completed.

Fresh off an ACL tear, Brian Hoyer looks like a quarterback that has Johnny Manziel on his back. Only throwing 2/6 for 16 yards, the former Tom Brady disciple didn’t get any help from his teammates either. A missed block to open the game led to a sack, from there is was more bad football. Drops, miscommunications, bad play calling.

Amazingly enough, a door seemingly locked was opened wide for Johnny Manziel to start for the Browns. The Texas A&M star decided to slam that door, and give it the bird as well. In the third quarter, Johnny flipped off the Redskins bench after some words were exchanged between the two. That’s just Johnny Football being Johnny Football. Manziel went 7-16 for 65 yards and a touchdown pass that was earned by running back Dion Lewis on a simple shovel pass that ESPN dubbed as a “strike” by Manziel. Nice try…

“Same Old Browns” is a phrase that’s been used by many across the league. After years and years of terrible teams, regime change after regime change and coaches fired left and right, it’s apparent that they STILL haven’t figured it out.

Now I know it’s preseason, and some may say I’m “overreacting” and that this team just needs to “gel” around the starting quarterback to be…BUT COME ON! You know the wide receiving core is one of the worst in the league, and that neither Hoyer or Manziel will have a chance this year, especially without star wideout Josh Gordon out on the field.

The score reads 24-23 Redskins, but no one won that game. I’m absolutely horrified with the way the Browns offense played, and this quarterback competition is simply making us all get.

Coach Pettine, Mr. Farmer and Mr. Haslam….GET IT TOGETHER!

-Zach Shafron

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