February 27, 2024

Sad News: Browns Voice Jim Donovan Has Leukemia Relapse


It was announced on Wednesday that the voice of the Browns and truly a legendary radio announcer Jim Donovan has leukemia once again. He is also the WKYC sports anchor and involved with Cleveland sports for many years.

What exactly is leukemia? It’s a cancer of the early blood-forming cells.

Here is a message from Browns owners Jimmy and Dee Haslam:

“Our thoughts and the thoughts of the entire organization are with Jim and his family right now in this difficult time. There is no better representative of the Cleveland Browns. He is as tough as they come and proved as much in his previous battle. We’re all behind Jim and will do everything we can to support him. We look forward to him winning this fight, being around the team, and continuing to call our games during the season.”

Everyone in Cleveland loves Jim Donovan and has respected his work for the many years he’s been in the realm of announcing and reporting. It’s very sad to hear that he has to go through this battle once again. However, we all know that he will put up a tremendous fight and get past this once again.

The City of Cleveland is truly pulling for Jim and we pray for him and his family as they go through these difficult times. We can’t wait to once again hear him call the Browns’ games this upcoming season and beyond. That’s the goal!

Here is a message from Jim himself:

“Know this: I have always had you (fans) in my thoughts. And I adore being with you as we go through the ups and sometimes the downs of Cleveland sports. So you are in my thoughts and you are a goal for me to be back with you, here at Channel 3 and down at the stadium calling the Browns up in that radio booth. And I’ll be there when I can or as much as I can. Right now, duty calls. And the duty is I have to get better. I think everything right now is pointing in a positive way.”

Jim, everyone here at Cleveland Sports Talk wishes you the best and we hope for a full recovery.

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