Ryan Dzingel’s Quiet Exit from Columbus

I think the league is still talking about Sonny Milano’s meta-human goal last night against Dallas. If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend you check out the former Cleveland Monster’s skillset in action. Still, Milano’s future with the Blue Jackets remains unclear. There’s some questionable play that makes his longevity with the team teeter.

He can’t come back to the Monsters because he would need to clear waivers and another team would most certainly nab him before then. A trade is tough because there hasn’t seem to have been a lot of interest around the league to give something up for him. As for now, Milano will continue to don the red, white and blue.

Speaking of trades and guys that are no longer here, forward Ryan Dzingel comes to mind. Columbus made a trade for Dzingel at last year’s deal deadline, which ultimately turned out to be an expensive rental for the former Senator and Jacket. Amid the free agency exodus the Blue Jackets experienced this past summer, the departures of Panarin, Bobrovsky and Duchene were all well-documented and highly publicized.

Dzingel’s move to Carolina, not so much.

As a weekly listener to the CBJ in 30 podcast from Bob McElligott, who also calls the Jackets games on Columbus radio, I thought he would probably be the best able to answer my question on how and why Ryan Dzingel is no longer on the team. I directed my Monday mailbag tweet to Mr. McElligott asking if GM Jarmo Kekalainen ever offered a contract to Dzingel.

Not only did McElligott address my question, he provided a most in-depth reply.

“I don’t think there was an offer made to him. I don’t know that 100%…Let me tell you something. Now that he’s gone, just let me tell you something. Look, Ryan Dzingel is a fine NHL player. I know he’s a former Buckeye and I know a lot of people here put a lot of stock into that. When he was here last year, I guess he did some good things, but look, was he the player, do you feel that the Blue Jackets got their worth out of him for Anthony Duclair and two second round picks?”

Well, when McElligott puts it that way, it’s a sudden wake-up moment that no, the team absolutely did not get their worth out of him.

McElligott continues, “You know and I know they did not, okay? And it is overpayment for a guy that was only here for a short period of time, but that guy was supposed to do more, and he didn’t! Quite frankly, he didn’t. He was a scratch in the playoffs. That’s all you need to know about Ryan Dzingel.”

The words came as a bit of a surprise, especially since he was a healthy omission from the post season roster. In hindsight, I guess I never did see the forward out there against Boston in the second round. Now just when you thought that was the end of the Dzingel talk, Bob McElligott added a little more context to the situation.

“Personally, I did not like dealing with him. I didn’t. He was, um, he was tough…He was just a struggle. If I had my choice, whether to go to him or stay away from him, I’d stay away. That was me personally. He didn’t fit in is what I’m trying to tell you. If that’s me, that tells me something about how he fits in or doesn’t fit in. I’m not speaking for any of the other guys. I’m not speaking for the organization. I’m speaking from just being a person and observing things…I didn’t find him pleasant to be around and the Blue Jackets didn’t make him an offer, okay? I don’t know if those two things coincide, but there’s a good chance.”

Bob McElligott delivers a high quality podcast and it was an honest and detailed reply like this that makes me continue to appreciate the commentator and his work. It also undoubtedly answered my question on the mystery surrounding Ryan Dzingel’s exit, of which I am now pretty educated on.

So, there you have it, folks. If you were wondering why Dzingel left, now you know, or at least have some very good insight on why that was one of the shortest stays for anyone on the Blue Jackets roster.

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